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The instructions here provide clarity regarding how to effectively search the Bioplatforms data portal, and obtain search results that are either specific to a certain meta-data field (e.g. flowcell_id), or which can capture the existence of search values across meta-data fields.

When you have found the data set(s) you were looking for, it’s time to download.

Advanced search for specific meta-data fields

If the values of interest are known, it is better to search for specific values (e.g. “Fat-tailed Dunnart”) in a single defined meta-data field (e.g. common_name).

The format for this is field:[”value”]

For example, if you wanted to search for all data sets that were produced using a specific sequencing_platform making use of the accepted Bioplatforms sequencing platform ontology (e.g. searching for “PacBio Sequel”), your search syntax would look like this:

sequencing_platform:"PacBio Sequel"

Note: make sure you include the apostrophes!

Here, 4 data sets are located, each of which used the PacBio Sequel instrument as the sequencing_platform.

Advanced search across multiple meta-data fields

If you wanted to search across multiple meta-data fields, and each search term was mandatory / required, the search syntax would look like this:

[meta-data field name]:[value] AND [meta-data field name]:[value]

For example, to identify a specific combination of genus and species:

genus:Sminthopsis AND species:crassicaudata

This is useful as it distinguishes datasets for the genus Sminthopsis, for which there are 5 species available, including:


Source material for CKAN search instructions